Sacred Ceremonies

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Blessing Ways ~ Rites of Passage 

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It is my absolute passion and privellege to create meaningful ceremonies for couples comitting themselves to one another, for familes celebrating the life of a loved one and for honouring significant life transitions, with beautiful rites of passage!



Wedding Ceremonies 

Say more than just "I do" allow Alison, with her experience in ritual and her love of ceremony to assist in creating heartfelt and soulful ceremonies to celebrate your love and promises to one another.  



Moving On Ceremonies 

Allows opportunities to honour endings of relationships and marriages in soulful harmonious ways, whilst offering support to the individual as they move forward into the next great stage of life!

Blessing Ways 

Are beautiful ceremonies created to pave the way for this new baby’s entrance into the world…let go of the old idea of Baby Showers, allow me to show you ways to create an experience offering something so much more!

Rites of Passage 

A wonderful ceremony for girls moving from childhood into womanhood...

a beautiful transition to celebrate!

New Home and Business Blessings 

Celebrate this new adventure with a ceremony to enhance health, wealth and happiness!

Life Celebrations 

Offers the option to create a ceremony rich in individual style, paying tribute in unique ways to our loved ones.





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