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Testimonials from previous participants of

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Dearest Alison,

I wanted to take the opportunity to put in words, the gratitude I have for you and the work that you have done with me. Having experienced your Sacred Creations Women's weekend as well as individual breathwork sessions, I have felt significant shifts in all areas of life. I was overwhelmed, stuck and being challenged daily with negative self talk. Your guidance and knowledge along with your nurturing nature, allows me to be safe and feel judgement free, yet gently challenged to be called on my ‘stuff’. I always come away feeling clear and enriched with a stronger self acknowledgement that continues to grow as the days go on. After seeing you it's like going to a loved one’s home and having a big bowl of sunshine (I always come away with a warm heart mixed with love and learning) that gives me a big hug to allow me go into the world to continue on.


Thank you for your continued commitment to your calling and following your vision, as it benefits so many others who you work with and meet you. Your genuine and sincere connection with me, and belief in me, is beyond any dollar value, and I truly thank you.


Many Thanks

Julie O’Brien

Director Lead Coaching Consultants

Professional Coach & Trainer


Thank you for guiding me on my journey. You came (this weekend) into my life when I had no direction and you supported me unconditionally…Words can not tell you how grateful I am. This weekend has been perfect in all ways. I can’t wait for the next one!

Marcelle Dietrich

Penrith NSW

Jacinta Wallace Wollongong NSW speaks of her experiences with Women of Spirit Weekends..."All of my weekend experiences have allowed me to be a more confident women.  A more peaceful women.  A women who feels connected to my "sisters" through spirit. Each weekend allows me to grow.  It provides space and opportunity to look inside myself and to what I want and need.  It challenges me and gives me learnings which guide me on my journey through life.  I treasure every weekend that I do as I know the combination of all the weekends has helped to enrich my life and the lives of the people I love who surround me.

I would absolutely recommend the weekend to anyone.  To anyone who is ready to grow spiritually, mentally and physically.  Give this weekend a chance as it can change your life!".

I am going to tell you about a woman, a friend, a wife, and a healer. I was invited for a healing at her office. A healing, not just for anyone, it was for me. I am privileged to have taken part of this. I went in with an open heart and mind. And what happened... I am still amazed on how accurate she was with everything- 99.9% RIGHT! I teach and coach people on how to move on from certain things and issues. How to become better people to and for themselves. There is one person I neglected through this process... You know, ME. There were specific issues that were brought up and healed. I am putting this out there... as a male, in this society, we are supposed to be strong and not cry. Because crying is s sign of weakness. And I am telling, I cried like a baby. I consider this being strong. -Strong, as I am able to write this and not care what people will think or say. -Strong, to be able to care about how I feel. -Strong, to get back to my roots of being part Native American Indian. I had cut ties to this beautiful part of me, close to eight years ago, when I came to Australia. Now, that is part of me again. I have also cut ties from a childhood sweetheart that I have been carrying around for a long time and have not let go. Thank you for this. -I choose to let go and create harmonious relationships -Thank you for reminding me to let go and create harmonious relationships Thanks to the help of this special gifted person. A forensic healer and a breath worker. She is a great and beautiful person to know. If you are ready for a change, change of heart, and change of spirit. If you are tired of carrying around that baggage that is keeping you from moving forward. I highly suggest to go and see this beautiful spirit. Her name is Alison Collins. She lives in the Wollongong area.

She is the creator and owner of Sacred Creations.

Thank you so much for your time and energy Alison.

Namaste Stone Riveria CEO Dream Believe Achieve