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Healing the Child Within Workshop






"Three things are striking about inner child work,”

says John Bradshaw, “the speed with which people change

when they do this work, the depth of the change and the

power and creativity that result when the wounds

from the past are healed.”
























Many of the struggles and hurts of today have their roots deep in the past.

Our ways of relating are patterned on the relationships of childhood.

We uncover the limiting and negative beliefs and ideas we have about life.

Connecting the present day feelings with experiences of the past is an important aspect of the healing process.


Many of the protective and coping mechanisms that were relevant to us as children are still being used unconsciously and automatically (most often destructively), in our lives now.


As we make conscious the decisions we made from hurt, pain and powerlessness, and resolve the issues involved, we move forward with clarity and creativity. In "Healing the Child Within"Workshops we explore our inner world creatively utilising soul craft, journalling, non dominant hand letter writing, seminar space, sharing circles, experential processes, breathwork and sand play.


John Bradshaws Homecoming DVD series will be shown throughout this workshop.

There is a very practical focus on recognizing the new adult steps that life is calling us to take.



Healing the Child Within Workshop


is offered as a 8 week programme

or 3 day live in Intensive




Investment $550.00 for 8 week programme

or $680.00 for 3 Day Intensive


Deposit $150

Payment plan available