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And the day came,

when the risk to remain tight in the bud,

was more painful than to bloom...

Will this be your day to Bloom?

 Life in BLOOM

Cultivating Self LOVE


For every woman who has ever wanted to like herself more!


Women's Self Love and Self Esteem 6 week Program


 Plant the seeds of love...


Cultivate and nurture your relationship with

Your Self

Your Heart

Your Spirit


Blossom and BLOOM with 


Self Love

Self Respect  

Self Value

This program offers many opportunities to develop a healthy sense of self worth.

Using a variety of creative, effective and practical strategies provided within this course,

you will increase your self awareness, raise and nurture a positive opinion of yourself and bloom with...


Self Love ~ Self Value ~ Self Respect


The Life in Bloom program provides creative and thought provoking

techniques and awareness practices for women who want to feel better about themselves more of the time.


During this 6 week course you will experience a range of motivating

and gently challenging processes.

Here is a taste of what this program will offer you:


* Self Love and Self Esteem what is it and why is it essential to our wellbeing?

* Where it all began: Why we feel about ourselves the way we do

* How to break free of Guilt & Fear

* Affirming Thoughts

* Creating Healthy Boundaries and Limits

* Conquering Self Doubt

* Releasing the Inner Critic

* Body Appreciation

* Liking the face in the mirror




Investment $70 per 3 hour workshop

Workbook, emails and video provided for online training programs

Workbook, materials and light refreshments are provided for live training programs


Live Training 

Dates commencing February 2017

Online Training  

Dates commencing March 2017

Please go to the contact page or call

0447 622 556 for more information