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Alison Collins

Hello and Welcome!


Thank you for dropping by, here is a little information about Alison that could support your decision to take the next step in your healing journey.


Alison is an experienced group facilitator, trainer, healer and practioner with 16 years experience supporting women on their healing journey. She is a vibrant friendly, enthusiastic, and compassionate person.


She is a woman of substance and spirit inspiring others with her personal story of recovery from abuse and violence. Her ongoing commitment to her personal, spiritual and professional development is a powerful indication of the love and respect she now has for herself.


Her purpose in life is to empower, motivate and inspire individuals to reach beyond their perceived limits and move into a place of healing, hope and happiness!


"My passion in life is to assist woman to remove the blocks to love...clearing the debris from the past, the old pains, hurts and disappointments, allows us to reach a place within where we truly heal and flourish!".


"Creating beautiful Sacred spaces nourishment for body, mind and soul had been an important part of my personal practise and one that women throughout the years have felt the benfit of". 



A testimonial..."Alison has the intuitive ability to guide her clients as they embark on their journey of awareness. She skillfully supports her clients as they discover what stands in the way of opening to more love, health, happiness and abundance in their life". She holds a safe and supportive space allowing the client to be present to their  feelings and emotions. This offers the opportunity for release, healing, clarity, inner guidance, and personal transformation. She has supported many women over the years into higher states of consciousness for healing, increased awareness and spiritual growth". P.L Hawkesbury NSW Australia.



Alison's individual sessions, programmes, groups and weekends support self awareness and development.

Through exploring and nurturing the “Sacred Art” of BEing with ourselves, Alison offers many unique and creative opportunities for women to explore new concepts and beliefs and to develop healthy boundaries enhancing self confidence and esteem. 





















Alison Collins 

Sacred Creations


Women's Empowerment Specialist

Certified Trainer and Assessor

Workshop Creator & Facilitator

Women's Retreat Leader 

Breathwork Practitioner

 Forensic Healing Practioner 

Inner Child Healing Facilitator 

Civil Marriage and Rites of

Passage Celebrant.



Alison Collins

0447 622 556